Tree Board

Mission Statement

This committee is dedicated to the preservation of the existing trees throughout our community and the repopulation of trees that have been removed or can no longer survive. We feel this need is great in order to preserve the integrity of our community.


The purpose of the Tree Board is to advise and provide information to the Mayor and Village Board on matters relating to urban forestry and to help the village meet the requirements of the Tree City USA program.

Tree City USA is a nationwide movement that provides the framework necessary for communities to manage and expand their public trees. The benefits of the Tree City USA program are providing direction, assistance and national recognition for our community. It’s the framework for a healthy, sustainable urban forestry program in our town.

  • It reduces costs for energy, storm water management and erosion control.

  • Cuts energy consumption by up to 25%.

  • It boosts property values across our community.

  • Builds stronger ties to neighborhood and community.

  • Improves community pride.

Tree Board Appointments

Effective May 5, 2022, the following appointments were made to the “Tree Board” with the terms ending April 30, 2023:

  • Trustee Mitch Milenkovic, Chairman

  • Alethia Drewniak, Public Resident

  • Eric Harris, Public Works

  • Joseph Lopez, Public Works

  • Beth Lucas, Administration

  • Colette Pawlowski, Public Resident