Board of Trustees

The Village of Stickney Board of Trustees consist of six trustees, elected every two years to a four year term, and one president, elected every four years to a four year term.

The Board of Trustees hold regular scheduled meetings on the first and third Tuesday of every month with the exception being that date falls on a legal holiday, then the meeting is held on the Wednesday following, at the Stickney Village Hall.

The Board of Trustees standing committees:

Committee Chairperson Co-Chairperson
Finance, License, State and Federal Grants and Air Pollution Committee Trustee White Trustee Savopoulos
Public Building and Grounds, Private Buildings and Construction, Zoning/Zoning Ordinances and Street and Sidewalks Committee Trustee Savopoulos Trustee White
Insurance and Safety, Parks & Recreation and Recycling and Waste Committee Trustee Hrejsa Trustee Torres
Police, Homeland Security/Disasters and Blight Committee Trustee Torres Trustee Hrejsa
Trees, Public Works, Public Water and Ordinances and Public Printing Trustee Milenkovic Trustee Kapolnek
Fire, Drainage, Water and Light and Railroad and Bridges Committee Trustee Kapolnek Trustee Milenkovic