Major Investigations Unit

The Stickney Police Department’s Major Investigations Unit (“MIU”) manages criminal cases to enhance clearance rates of reported crime and to increase prosecutions, convictions of offenders and assistance to victims.

The MIU is responsible for follow-up investigations on criminal matters. Once an incident is reported to the police department, the supervisor of the investigation division assesses the information in the report. The supervisor will make a determination, based on many factors including solvability and severity of the crime, whether a follow-up investigation will be warranted.

Once the determination is made that an investigation is warranted, the supervisor will assign the case to a detective. The detective will contact the victim(s), witness(es) or any other pertinent individuals and gather any additional information and/or evidence that may be beneficial to the investigation. The investigator will work the case to its conclusion, whether it results in arrest, no complaints being signed or not enough cause for an arrest.

If the investigator does not have enough information for an arrest, the detective will submit their investigation to the supervisor, who along with the Deputy Chief of Police will determine if the case will become inactive. The supervisor will review the case to insure all leads have been exhausted. If there are no additional leads, the supervisor declare the investigation “inactive”.

The MIU supervisor will periodically review inactive cases. They will be checked to see if additional leads have been developed or if the incident may be tied to another victim. The case may be re-activated if developments warrant it.

Additional responsibilities of members of the MIU include fugitive apprehension, proactive patrol, any other assignments a Shift Supervisor deems necessary to prevent crime and assist in other Departmental needs. All MIU members shall remain in good standing within their respective primary shift assignments.


In person:
Stickney Police Department
6533 W. Pershing Road
Stickney, IL 60402

Via phone:
Consolidated Emergency Response Center of Cook County
Phone: 708.788.2131

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