Real Estate Transfer Tax

The following items are required and must be submitted to the Village of Stickney before transfer stamps are issued:‚Äč
  • A pre-sale inspection must be done by the Village.  It is recommended that such inspection be scheduled at least two weeks prior to receiving transfer stamps. The inspection fee is $100.00 for a single family home.
  • A final water reading must be scheduled three days prior to closing.  Bill must be paid in full prior to receiving transfer stamps. No personal checks. (water to be paid seperately from transfer stamps)
  • Click here for Village of Stickney Real Estate Transfer Tax form 
  • Letter of Understanding and Compliance (notarized signature each buyer required)
  • Letter of noncompliance. (notarized signature of buyer required; this letter will be supplied by the village only if the property is noncompliant with the zoning ordinance)
  • Original Deed
  • Copy of Sales Contract
  • Copy of State Declaration form
  • Copy of County Declaration form
  • Payment of real estate transfer tax of $5.00 per $1,000.00 or fraction thereof (.50%)
If you have any questions, please contact the Village Hall 708-749-4400.