Administration Office

Pet Tags

Your pet must have a current rabies vaccine number and expiration date in order to obtain a pet license. Registration for an annual permit is available at the Village Hall. You must provide vaccination records and current dog license.
Resident - $12.00-1st dog and- $6.00 2nd dog
Non Resident - $30.00 1st dog and $10.00 2nd dog
Late fees are an additional $5.00 per pet.

Animal Shelter

Waggin Tails Animal Shelter is located at 1800 S. Laramie in Cicero, 708-652-0825. This shelter has the ability to house our recovered stray animals until relocated with their owners or being adopted. This is a “No Harm” shelter that provides great care to lost animals.

Vehicle Stickers

Vehicle stickers go on sale May 1st until the last business day of June.

Application Fees:
Senior Citizens (65 and over) - No charge
Handicap/All Veterans - No Charge
Passenger Car - $20
Trucks – fee will vary depending on weight

Veteran status can now be put on your driver’s license thru the Secretary of State. Vehicle stickers must be displayed by July 1st. Late fees are an additional $20.00 per vehicle. New vehicles will require both your driver’s license and Illinois Secretary of State vehicle registration showing your Stickney address. Misplaced applications will require your driver’s license.

Garage / Yard / Household Sales

A special permit is required to conduct these types of sales. You can request to have a sale up to three business days in advance. The applicant must be the owner of the premises. Only one such type of this sale is permitted a year. The sale is limited to two consecutive days. There is no charge for this type of permit. Advertising signs are allowed on Village parkways, but must be removed within 48 hours of your garage sale. Signs are not allowed to be posted on light poles or stop signs. Violators will receive a ticket up to $100.00 each day of violation. Click here for permit.

Beth Lukas
Administrative Assistant
T: 708-749-4400 Ext 510
Maria Medina
Water Department
T: 708-749-4400 Ext 501
Darlene Pregara
Building Dept.
T: 708-749-4400 Ext 500
Marcela Castaneda
Real Estate and Business Licenses
T: 708-749-4400 Ext 502
Linda Bruscato
Senior Liaison
T: 708-749-4400 Ext 526
Treasurer - Accounts Payable
T: 708-749-4400 Ext 504