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Emergency Telephone Systems Board (ETSB or 911 Board)

The Emergency Telephone Systems Board, ETSB, is made up of seven members appointed by the village president with the advice and consent of the board of trustees with terms expiring annually on April 30th.  The ETSB consist of members from each of the public safety agencies that utilize the 9-1-1 system, two members of the public and two non-voting members.

The ETSB is responsible for:


1.  Planning the 911 emergency telephone system;

2.  Coordinating and supervising the implementation, upgrading or maintenance of the system, including the establishment of equipment specifications          and coding systems;

3.  Receiving moneys from the telephone surcharge and from any other source, for deposit into the emergency telephone system fund established in section 30-35;

4.  The charge for automatic number identification and automatic location identification equipment, a computer aided dispatch system that records, maintains and integrates information, mobile data transmitters equipped with automatic vehicle locators, and maintenance, replacement and update thereof to increase operational efficiency and improve the provision of emergency services.

5.  The nonrecurring charges related to the installation of the system and the ongoing network charges.

6.  The acquisition and installation, or the reimbursement of costs therefore to other governmental bodies that have incurred those costs, of road or street signs that are essential to the implementation of the emergency telephone system and that are not duplicative of signs that are the responsibility of the jurisdiction charged with maintaining road and street signs.

7.  Other products and services necessary for the implementation, upgrade and maintenance of the system and any other purpose related to the operation of the system, including costs, attributable directly to the construction, leasing or maintenance of any buildings or facilities or costs of personnel attributable directly to the operation of the system.  Costs attributable directly to the operation of the system doe not include the costs of public safety agency personnel who are and equipment that is dispatched in response to an emergency call.

The ETSB is made up of the following members:

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